The end of 2012 and the start of 2013 saw some big (and some small) changes at the Gloucester House. While our new bar layout is awesome and while a fresh coat of paint has gone a long way in the Cafe, we’re most proud of our efforts to be envirionmentally conscious while making sound business decisions.

In the Fall, we began working with Black Earth Hauler, a residential and commercial composting company located on the North Shore. All of our food waste and much of our paper products are now being turned into their Black Gold soil. Please give these guys a chance (or at least a peek) if you’re wishing you could do more with your trash. Cost wise, it’s on par if not cheaper! Double win. In conjuction with Hiltz’s commercial recyling program, we’re feeling great about waste. Funny, huh?

We’re also making an effort to get rid of a majority — if not all, safety concerns notwithstanding — of our cleaning chemicals. Our friend Duane from Lynnfield Green Technologies has introduced us to the Toucan-Eco, a water electrolyzer that turns Gloucester’s tap water and a few grams of salt into a food-safe, eco-friendly, and hugely sustainable disinfectatnt. Perfect for completely sanitizing the bar, washing fruits, veggies, and shellfish, or for cleaning windows or rugs, we cannot recommend this product enough. Consider one for your home or office and see how much space you can save under the sink.


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